Superintendent Goals

Superintendent Goals

Awaiting Executive County Superintendent Approval - Check back soon!

Superintendent Goals

GOAL:   The Superintendent will review and revise the District Policy approval process to include feedback from Central Office and building-level administrators as well as thorough editing and review as the policies go through Board Committee revisions. (Completed)

GOAL:   The Superintendent will increase communication with the parents, students, and community through the development of a “Superintendent Section” of the District’s website.  The Superintendent will update the information eight times during the 2016-17 School Year providing the parents and greater community with District updates, new items, security, and wellness information.(Completed)

GOAL:   The Superintendent will provide a “New Faculty” Roundtable four times throughout the year to support both September and mid-year hires.  The Roundtable will allow for a feedback forum, questions and answers, current issues, support, and community resources.(Completed)

GOAL:   The Superintendent will provide five Student Council leadership development sessions for the Executive Boards of both Ramapo and Indian Hills High Schools through the Student/Administrative Council Meetings.  These sessions will help to build capacity of the student leadership and give students the necessary fundamental leadership skills to promote a healthy student government and overall student body.(Completed)

GOAL:   The Superintendent will work with the District Security Coordinator to implement the Share 911 Security System.  Additionally, the Superintendent will coordinate collaborative drills with Franklin Lakes, Oakland, and Wyckoff K-8 Districts utilizing the Share 911 Security Alert System.(Completed)