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Family Life Education

The Ramapo Indian Hills High School District conducts a Family Life Education program in compliance with the New Jersey Administrative Code on Family Life Education. It will be taught as part of the Health program offered to students in grades nine, eleven, and twelve.

Notification to Parents and Guardians – With respect to parental notification, Section b (1) of the New Jersey Administrative Code states:

The parents and guardians of pupils enrolled in the district shall receive annually (1) an outline of the curriculum and (2) a list of instructional materials for the grade of their child including notification about how to receive a copy of the curriculum. The district shall make available for review in each school the complete curriculum and all instructional materials prior to use in the classroom. Upon request of parents and guardians, the material shall be made available for their review.

Provision for Excusing Student – Section (i) of the Family Life Code states the following:

Any pupil whose parent or guardian presents to the school principal a signed statement that any part of the instruction in family life education is in conflict with his/her conscience, or sincerely held moral or religious beliefs, shall be excused from that portion of the course where such instruction is being given and no penalties as to credit or graduation shall result therefrom. (N.J.S.A. 18-A 35-4.6 et seq.)

Parents or guardians who wish to excuse their child(ren) from any part of the family life education program should present a signed statement to their building principal requesting that their child(ren) be excused.

A copy of the curriculum and instructional materials are available for review at your school. Contact the Supervisor of the Health and Physical Education Department.

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