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Board of Education

* All public meetings are scheduled for 7 P.M. for the purpose of entering Executive Session. The Board will reconvene the public meeting at 8 P.M. Work Sessions and Regular Public Meetings will be held in the District Conference Room unless otherwise specified.

Unless otherwise announced, the Board holds one work session and one regular meeting a month on Monday evenings in the District Conference Room. The schedule is posted here. Action is only taken at regular and special public meetings.

Board meetings operate under Robert's Rule of Order. Meetings begin at 8:00 p.m. and are open to the public. Any schedule changes are announced in the local newspaper.

The Board sometimes meets privately in executive session to discuss personnel issues, labor negotiations, legal considerations and other confidential matters. This procedure is based on the New Jersey Open Public Meetings Act, commonly know as the "Sunshine Law". The public may not attend these meetings and Board members may not disclose discussion details.

Public Comments

The Board of Education encourages community members to ask questions and comment on the agenda and non-agenda items. Thirty minutes at the beginning of each regular Board meeting is designated for public input on the agenda items. Each person addressing the Board is limited to three minutes. At the end of the regular public meeting, the public may address the Board on any school-related topic. Public comment is permitted at the end of work sessions for a total of thirty minutes, with each person limited to three minutes.

Questions submitted in advance of Board meeting usually result in more precise answers. The Board is interested in public discussion of its policies and will sometimes provide answers by mail after Board discussion. Questions that can be answered by staff members should be presented to them during the school day.

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