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Honeywell (Reverse 911)

This service will be used for emergency notifications such as snow closings, delayed openings and other emergency announcements. Our goal is to improve the existing “Reverse 911” phone calls to include the support of cell phones, PDAs, E-mails and cell texting. Parents will have the ability to manage their own contact preferences.

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* DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OFF THE EMERGENCY BOX FOR EACH DEVICE UNDER THE ALERT SETUP TAB. If you add a new device and do not check the Emergency box you WILL NOT receive any calls. *

FAQs - Honeywell Instant Alert® for Schools

Q: Do I need to register for this service to get the R-911 calls?

A: No. As a parent of a student attending either Indian Hills High School or Ramapo High School, you will automatically receive the R-911 phone calls in an event of an emergency. There is no need to register with Honeywell Instant Alert.

Q: What telephone number will be used for the R-911 calls?

A: The telephone number used will be the student’s home phone number on file/record.

Q: Why do I need to register with Honeywell Instant Alert?

A: You will only need to register with Honeywell Instant Alert if you wish to add additional notification devices in addition to your main phone number. (e.g. cell phones, emails and cell texting.)

Q: Why do I need to provide my child’s birth date and the “Parent First Name” during the registration process?

A: For security reasons, we need this information to validate user access.

Q: I entered the “Parent First Name” but I am still not able to register.

A: Parent’s first names were derived from our current student record. Perhaps we do not have the correct spelling or the information is missing from your student record. Please email honeywell@rih.org if you are not able to get past this in the registration process.

Q: I have more than 1 student in the District; do I need to register separately for each?

A: Honeywell Instant Alert will automatically merge your students under each parent profile. You will be able to manage the contact preferences accordingly.

Q: What if the main phone number listed in the Instant alert system is incorrect?

A: You may make changes to the main phone number, but you should also log in to Genesis Parent Access to make the change there as well. Please note: Changes made in your Honeywell Instant Alert profile will not traverse back to your student’s official record.

Q: How often can I make changes to my profile?

A: You may make changes to your profile / contact preferences any time and as often as you wish. However, please refrain from deleting the primary home phone number or making changes to the alert type.

Q: Will we receive different Alert Type messages?

A: At this time, our District will only use the Honeywell Instant Alert system for emergency notification such as snow closings, delayed openings and other emergency announcements only.

Q: I added my other devices but did not get the alerts, why?

A: Please check to make sure that the appropriate Alert Type is checked.

Q: Are there any costs to add additional devices?

A: There is no cost to you to have additional notification devises listed, but you must register in order to take advantage of this capability.

Please email honeywell@rih.org if you have additional questions regarding this service.

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