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Holiday Festival Escort Application & Requirements

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The Holiday Festival is a community service project run by the Ramapo students and takes places in our school on December 7th.  350 + students from Roberto Clemente, and other schools in Paterson, come to Ramapo for a holiday celebration. If chosen, escorts will accompany a Paterson student throughout their entire stay in the school for the festivity.

A Ramapo student is eligible to apply to become an escort for a student from Roberto Clemente, and other elementary schools in Paterson during the celebration of the Holiday Festival. 

An escort will accompany and interact with a Paterson student throughout the celebration of the Holiday Festival and will take the child to the scheduled activities. The escort will ensure the child’s enjoyment of the festivity and be responsible for the child’s safety during his/her stay in our school. Escorts will have to agree to purchase a gift for the Paterson student.  The escort’s responsibilities end only when the child is placed in the correct bus at 2:00pm to return to Paterson.

What is expected from an escort?

  • Show character:

 Show care, responsibility & respect.

  • Become a role model:

Understand that during Holiday Festival, Ramapo High School is hosting this activity, and it is expected that Ramapo students become role models for the Paterson students. A role model is a student who doesn’t get involved with alcohol and/or drugs.

  • Commitment:

Keep in mind that Holiday Festival is about providing service to those who are less fortunate and it is a great opportunity to share and be aware of the differences in the world around us. Therefore, it is crucial that all escorts be committed to their responsibilities in helping the kids feel welcomed and comfortable during their stay at Ramapo.

  • Consider the consequences:

Be accountable for your choices/behavior.  Abide by all the rules stated in the school’s handbook.  Any escort who fails to abide the rules will be disciplined accordingly.

  • Cooperate:

Do your share to make your school and community better by contributing to the success of the Holiday Festival.

How much time is involved?

All escorts will meet the following requirements:

  • Attendance to an escort orientation meeting.
  • Attendance to a half of day field trip to visit the Roberto Clemente School in Paterson by the end of the first week of November.
  • Complete 4 hours of community service in one or more of the following areas:


448 Main Street, Paterson, NJ 07501

Contact: Mr. Moran 973-321-0032

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY                                                                                       

146 N. 1st. Street, Paterson, NJ  07522

PO Box 2585, Paterson, NJ 07509

Phone: 973-595-6868 Fax: 973-595-0974


393 Main Street

Paterson, New Jersey 07509                                                                                      

Phone: 973-523-6220 Fax: 973-684-2304


59 Mill Street

Paterson, NJ  07501


How can I become a Holiday Festival escort?

Complete the attached application and submit it to room 313 or place it into Señora Rodriguez’s mailbox in the main office by September 10th.  Candidates will be informed about their selection promptly.

Basic Holiday Festival Facts

  • Holiday Festival is a community service project run by Ramapo students.
  • Students will build a relationship with children from Roberto Clemente Elementary School in Paterson.
  • There are many different positions that are available to Ramapo students:
    • Escort
    • Decorator
    • Elf
    • Booth Coordinator
    • Actor
    • Character (etc.)
  • To be chosen as a Holiday Festival escort, you must fill out an application to be approved.
  • When chosen, throughout the year the selected escorts will go on one field trip to Roberto Clemente, as well as participating in the festivities on the day of Holiday Festival.
  • The opportunity to sign up to be an elf, booth coordinator, or character will be announced throughout the year.
  • You do not need to be an artist to become a decorator. Decorating includes cutting, pasting, painting, outlining, and much more besides drawing
  • The night before Holiday Festival, the school is decorated and transformed into a “winter wonderland”.
  • On the day of Holiday Festival students from Roberto Clemente, with their escort will engage in activities such as:
    • Pictures with Santa
    • Moon-bounce in the gym
    • Party in the Café
    • Selecting gifts for their loved ones and choosing books (etc.)
  • During Holiday Festival, the Ramapo students are able to act as role models to the Roberto Clemente children. Also, the students have a chance to learn about diversity, acceptance & respect.

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