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Ramapo Indian Hills

Department of Special Education

Michael Marano

District Director of Student Personnel Services

Board of Education Office

201-416-8100 ext. 3827

Administrative Assistant to District Director of Student Personnel Services

Lisa Blackowski ext. 3826

Indian Hills High School Ramapo High School

Linda Bergrin, Supervisor Denise Colaneri, Supervisor

201-337-0100 ext. 3344 201-891-1500 ext. 2240

The Department of Special Education is an integral part of the academic high school program and provides services to students with disabilities under New Jersey Administrative Code Title 6A, Chapter 14. Each of the high schools has a Child Study Team and a building Special Education Supervisor to ensure that students with disabilities receive a Free and Appropriate Public Education. The District Supervisor of Special Education is located in the central office and facilitates the implementation of NJAC 6A:14 in both buildings, and coordinates the special education programs and services for the district.

Child Study Team

The Child Study Team participates in the identification and determination of students eligible for special education and related services. This includes psychological assessments, educational assessments, and social work services. In addition, the Child Study Team provides case management services to students who are classified and are placed in special education programs or require special accommodations to access the general education curriculum. In addition, the Child Study Team provides transition services for students, including coordinating with community agencies to ensure linkages to post secondary adult services upon graduation.

Programs and Services

The placement of students in appropriate settings within the least restrictive environment is an integral part of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

The Ramapo Indian Hills High School District offers a full continuum of educational services in the Least Restrictive Environment to students who have been identified as Eligible for Special Education and Related Services. These program options include in-class and pullout Supplemental Instruction, Resource Center Pull Out Subject Replacement, Resource Center Inclusion, In-Class Assistance and Self Contained Transition Programs. Resources Classes reflect the curriculum of the general education classes.

In addition the following special education classes are offered:

Foundations of Study Skills

Applied Study Skills

Study and Organization

Careers and Adult Living

Reading I and II

New Horizons:

Daily Living Skills

Personal and Social Skills

Career Exploration

Careers and Adult Living

Career Exploration Internship

In the case of students who can not be educated in their home school, the school district refers the student to a State approved placement which is outside of the district and can meet the student’s needs. The district has a self-contained program in each high school. This program is for students who have mild to moderately cognitive impairment.

Transition and New Horizons Programs

The Indian Hills Transition program is a self-contained program for students with mild to moderate cognitive impairment and is located at Indian Hills High School. This program is for students in grades 9 - 12 who require a Life-Skills/Pre-Vocational curriculum in addition to the daily living and academic requirements for high school graduation. Students who complete this 4-year program may graduate or receive a certificate of attendance and move into the district’s New Horizon Program, which is located at Ramapo High School.

The Ramapo New Horizons Program offers young adults, ages 18-21 with disabilities, a transition-to-adulthood program that includes community based instruction, life coaching, and a structured learning experience. This program has a Structured Learning Experience Coordinator and is for students who have attended the district Transition program, or a similar program, and require further adult living and employment readiness skills prior to graduation. The program provides Community Based Instruction in functional academics and life skills. Students attend Ramapo High School in the morning. The SLE Coordinator coordinates a supported employment program in the afternoon. After receiving a modified academic day students receive supported employment through a job coach in the afternoon. The goal of this program is to develop independent adult living skills and employment readiness to prepare them for or a post-secondary life.

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