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Educational Goals

The ultimate goal of all education is to teach man to think rationally and critically, to enjoy the process of learning, and to acquire the skills necessary for a lifetime of continuous learning and adaptation to change. This Board is committed to the maximum development of every individual, regardless of ethnic or cultural background, race, sex, or religion. The Board believes in the dignity, worth, and potentials of each student, and recognizes that the student is the focal point of education; that each student has his/her capacity for learning, and unique set of needs. The board must provide an educational system consistent with the desires of the citizens of the district, as determined by a goal-setting system or revision every five years as required by Chapter 212 of the Public Education Act of 1975.

  1. In a democracy, it is essential that the schools provide each student with an understanding of the basic elements and values of our culture and our national heritage, as well as an understanding of cultures and nations other than our own, and an awareness of the interdependence of nation-states without loss of recognition of our own national interest or values. In addition education for citizenship in a democracy must provide each student with an understanding of the citizen’s Constitutional and human rights, privileges, and responsibilities, and an understanding of the concept of adherence to law together with the need for constructive citizen participation in the decision making process.
  2. The Board is committed to the belief that each student should be provided with those skills necessary for his/her effective functioning in our society, and that each student should be encouraged to achieve his/her potential to his/her maximum desire and ability, intellectually, socially, and emotionally.
  3. Mental and physical health are interrelated, and all activities must concern themselves with the well-being of the student so that students may enjoy satisfying, responsible, and productive roles in life.

This Board is dedicated to providing the finest possible education for each student. All goals set forth here are important and in many cases interdependent. The educational program will stress the achievement of goals determined by the citizens, staff and students of this district.

The Public Schools in the Ramapo Indian Hills Regional High School District Should Help Every Student in the District to:

  1. Develop skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening and quantitative thinking
  2. Learn how to examine and use information
  3. Gain a general education
  4. Learn how to be a good citizen
  5. Develop good character and self-respect
  6. Develop pride in work and a feeling of self-worth
  7. Develop a desire for learning now and in the future
  8. Learn to respect and get along with people with whom we work and live
  9. Develop skills to enter a field of work
  10. Learn about and try to understand the changes that take place in the world
  11. Gain information needed to make job selections
  12. Understand and practice democratic ideas and ideals
  13. Appreciate culture and beauty in the world
  14. Learn how to be a good manager of money, property, and resources
  15. Practice and understand the ideas of health and safety
  16. Learn how to respect and get along with people who think, dress, and act differently
  17. Understand and practice the skills of family living
  18. Learn to constructively use leisure time.

School System Education Process Goals

The Ramapo Indian Hills Regional High School District shall provide:


  1. Instruction which bears a meaningful relationship to the present and future needs and/or interests of pupils.
  2. Significant opportunities, consistent with the age of the pupil, for helping to determine the nature of the educational experiences of the pupil.
  3. Specialized and individualized kinds of educational experiences to meet the needs of each pupil.
  4. Opportunities for teaching staff and pupils to make recommendations concerning the operation of the schools.
  5. Comprehensive guidance facilities and services for each pupil.
  6. An environment in which any competition among pupils is positive.
  7. Resources for education, used with maximum efficiency.
  8. Teaching staff members of high quality.
  9. Diverse forms of constructive cooperation with parents and community groups.


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