Upgrade Instructions for Returning Students

For Returning Students Only (Posted on August 22, 2019): As part of the agreement to be able to keep the laptop over the summer, students are required to upgrade their laptop prior to the first day of school so that they will have the latest operating system (Mac OS X - Mojave), adjunct software and security patches.

We ask that all returning students upgrade their district issued laptops accordingly before September 4th. Failure to complete this process before the start of the school may impact your ability to access the school network. 

Instruction to Upgrade to Mojave:

  • Please complete this process from home / secured place. 
  • Make sure the laptop is charged and plugged in and that you are in an area with good WiFi coverage.
  • Log in to the laptop.
  • Launch the Self Service App, located under the Applications Folder:

 Self Servicing

  • Select “Upgrade to Mojave” in the Self Service portal.

Self Servicing

  •  Confirm “Upgrade to Mojave” by clicking on the upgrade button:

The laptop should be left open and plugged in until the upgrade is complete and you get back to your desktop and apps. If your battery is not fully charged, you may encounter an alert regarding "Your Mac Needs charging".  Please make sure the laptop is connected to a charger.

Once the computer restarts on its own, the installation process will begin. Please do not interrupt the process or close the laptop. It is normal for the Mac to restart several times during this process. Most upgrades take from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Errors and warnings are rare, but if any errors appear, please follow any instructions provided, wait ten minutes, restart the Mac from the Apple menu, log back in, and try again. Do not force-restart or hold down the power button at any point.