RIH Draft Curriculum

RIH Draft Curriculum

The RIH draft curriculum documents are available for public review. The RIH Curriculum Introduction Screencast (approx. 20 minutes) provides background information, an overview of the revision process, and a description of the curriculum documents.  The information in this screencast should help provide context as you review the documents. 

All of the draft documents are available in a PDF format and organized by subject area.  Please click the links below for more information.  

RIH Curriculum Introduction (screencast, approx. 20 min)
Applied Technology
Family and Consumer Science
Guidance (Mindfulness Option II Program)
Social Studies
World Languages

Please leave any questions and / or comments about the draft curriculum on the RIH Curriculum Feedback form.  

If you have any immediate questions or have difficulty accessing this content, please contact the Curriculum Office at [email protected] or 201.416.8100 ext. 3819.