District Goals

District Goals 2018-19

1. Continue to build upon our wellness goal with a focus on the mental health and well being of each student.  By raising the awareness of our Stigma-Free Learning Community, we will continue to make strides in eliminating the stigma attached to mental health, depression, and anxiety.  Student achievement will increase as our students, staff, and families recognize the importance of seeking assistance for students in need of counseling and/or other resources.

2. Deepen the level of understanding and application of differentiated instruction, including the integration of applicable methodologies or strategies in the physical and digital learning spaces to meet the varied needs of the students at all academic levels.

3. Increase the practice of an interdisciplinary approach to classroom teaching methodologies to more effectively integrate ideas and recognize bias, foster an understanding of a variety of perspectives, draw ideas from a range of disciplines and help students to understand the multi-faceted nature of educational experiences.