District Goals

District Goals 2019-20

1.  By June of 2020, students will have engaged in interdisciplinary learning opportunities as evidenced through school activities, projects, and/or assessments.  Through this interdisciplinary approach, teachers will work with colleagues of varying disciplines to create and implement grade appropriate lessons that span multiple content areas.  Lessons will incorporate skills and understandings of the engaged learner and differentiated instruction while infusing relevant and applicable technologies.

2.  By June of 2020, District staff will analyze and refine assessment construction and data analysis to guide decision making throughout the learning process, as evidenced through:

  • Using standardized test data to make instructional/curriculum decisions;
  • Using formative and summative assessment to guide classroom instruction;
  • Using classroom observation data to improve instruction/student achievement;
  • Improving the quality of assessment design through deliberate and targeted standards-based assessment questions.

3. By June of 2020, students will explore opportunities outside of the classroom to learn the importance of living in a connected world, as evidenced through:

  • Extending learning outside the school through connections to businesses, colleges and universities, students in other countries, scientists, professionals, field experts, etc.
  • Service projects that can involve humanitarian organizations, historical societies, Day of Service, etc.
  • Other organizations, such as Special Olympics, Municipal Alliance, Stigma-free Committee, etc.