Central Office Staff Directory

Anthony Riscica 
Interim Superintendent of Schools
email: ariscica@rih.org
extension: 3801

Thomas Lambe 
Business Administrator
email: tlambe@rih.org
extension: 3804

Nicholas Amaral 
Staff Developer
email: namaral@rih.org
extension: 3814

Angela Demetriou
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent of Schools
email: ademetriou@rih.org
extension: 3802

Karen Bailey 
email: kbailey@rih.org
extension: 3811

Brian Belthoff 
Systems Information Analyst
email: bbelthoff@rih.org
extension: 3817

Lisa Blackowski 
Administrative Assistant - Special Services
email: lblackowski@rih.org
extension: 3826

John Chang 
Director of Technology
email: jchang@rih.org
extension: 3820

Carrie Fohlinger 
Administrative Assistant to the Business Administrator
email: cfohlinger@rih.org
extension: 3804
Cathy Foschino 
Coordinator of Staffing
email: cfoschino@rih.org
extension: 3807

Paulinus Egu
Coordinator of Facilities and Operations
email: pegu@rih.org
extension: 3816

Michael Marano 
District Director of Student Personnel Services
email: mmarano@rih.org
extension: 3827

Nancy Marshall 
Payroll Coordinator
email: nmarshall@rih.org
extension: 3810

Bernice Parrella 
Assistant Business Administrator
email: bparrella@rih.org
extension: 3812

Denise Pellegrino
Coordinator of Benefits
email: dpellegrino@rih.org
extension: 3806

Grace Stramiello 
Administrative Assistant, Transportation
email: gstramiello@rih.org
extension: 3808

Daniel Sutherland 
District Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Articulation
extension: 3818

Tony Vukicevic 
Transportation Supervisor
email: tvukicevic@rih.org
extension: 3809

Nicholas Amaral 
Staff Developer
3814 (School)