Virtual/Remote Learning

The State guidelines provide for in-person learning unless there is a declared health emergency by the Governor or health department. At this time, the State is not allowing a virtual option, which has been previously defined as a hybrid instructional experience where a classroom teacher shares time between the at-home students and the in-person students, as a choice during this school year. Remote, where a Zoom link provided for a student to view the class, can only be used for students who have tested positive for COVID or for those who have been placed on quarantine due to being identified as close contact by the school and/or by the direction of a qualified physician. It is important to note that students always have access to Schoology where teachers post classwork and assignments on a regular basis.

Staffing shortages that impact the safe and effective operation of our schools or a COVID outbreak directly connected to our schools may be other reasons for allowing virtual instruction. At this time, we are not experiencing any of these issues. Any districts that have altered their schedule may be doing so as a result of a specific impact to their district that RIH is not experiencing at this time.