Dual Enrollment FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions: Dual Enrollment Courses at Ramapo Indian Hills:

1. How do I know if the high school course in which I am enrolled is eligible for college credit in the dual enrollment program?

See the approved course list.

2. Which institutions in New Jersey will accept the credits earned through Bergen Community College?

See www.njtransfer.org to assist you. You will need to use the Bergen Community Course ID. (See the course list for this information.)

3. How do I register for a dual enrollment course?

Students and parents need to complete the registration form.  Please see your teacher for registration information.  The three partnerships have three different processes for registration. Some are through the teacher, others are through guidance and the building principal.  

4. Is additional work required to earn college credit?

No additional academic work will be required, however certain grades may be expected to receive college credit for the course.  Please see your teacher for this and any additional information / requirements for dual enrollment.  

5. Are there plans to expand dual enrollment opportunities at Ramapo Indian Hills?

Our district is exploring partnerships with other institutions and expanding the course offerings with the current partnerships.  The course list and dual enrollment description pages will be updated with this information.  

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