Superintendent Goals

Superintendent Goals



Goal: The superintendent will schedule four government leaders/career speakers to attend and discuss their positions with the student council leadership of Ramapo and Indian Hills High Schools in October, January, March and May. The superintendent will facilitate these meetings to provide meaningful conversations for students to gain an increased understanding of municipal government as well as other career opportunities.


Goal: The superintendent will improve communication with the local municipalities of Franklin Lakes, Oakland and Wyckoff by attending three municipal government meetings and organizing two FLOW leadership consortium meetings which will include all leadership stakeholder groups to discuss shared crisis planning and options for additional shared services.


 Goal: The superintendent will conduct two comprehensive book study groups with administrators from Ramapo and Indian Hills High Schools. The Power of a Positive Team(Jon Gordon) will be studied during the Fall with three scheduled meetings and What School Could Be(Ted Dintersmith) will be studied in the Spring with three scheduled meetings.


Goal: The superintendent will work with the building administrators and security director to develop detailed crisis plans to be added to the Continuity of Operations Plan including guidelines for an emergency necessitating the use of one high school on split sessions. These plans will include room use, teacher schedules, student schedules and parent directions and guidelines.


Goal: The superintendent will oversee the implementation of Frontline Central and Time and Attendance as we move forward with our “Green Initiative.” All contracts and/or employment letters will be delivered electronically beginning Spring 2019 and pay vouchers will be online by Spring 2019.



GOAL:  The Superintendent will develop a Continuity of Operations Plan as recommended by the Department of Homeland Security and the New Jersey Department of Education which could be activated in response to an emergency which causes a disruption in facilities or personnel.  This Plan will allow for essential functions to be performed during a wide range of emergencies including localized acts of nature, accidents, and technological emergencies.(Completed)


GOAL:   The Superintendent will review and implement five new evaluation instruments for non-certificated support staff based upon revised job descriptions.(Completed)


GOAL:   The Superintendent will attend five Municipal Alliance/Stigma Free Meetings to increase the knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of mental illness and depression in our community and beyond.  The Superintendent will share out the resources with the entire school community.(Completed)


GOAL:   The Superintendent will research and implement an online document management system for Personnel records, moving forward the overall District “Green” Initiative.(Completed)


GOAL:   The Superintendent will increase the District Online Public Relations presence in three key areas including District website Human Resources, District Website Board of Education, and social media/Twitter.(Completed)



Superintendent Goals

GOAL:   The Superintendent will review and revise the District Policy approval process to include feedback from Central Office and building-level administrators as well as thorough editing and review as the policies go through Board Committee revisions. (Completed)

GOAL:   The Superintendent will increase communication with the parents, students, and community through the development of a “Superintendent Section” of the District’s website.  The Superintendent will update the information eight times during the 2016-17 School Year providing the parents and greater community with District updates, new items, security, and wellness information.(Completed)

GOAL:   The Superintendent will provide a “New Faculty” Roundtable four times throughout the year to support both September and mid-year hires.  The Roundtable will allow for a feedback forum, questions and answers, current issues, support, and community resources.(Completed)

GOAL:   The Superintendent will provide five Student Council leadership development sessions for the Executive Boards of both Ramapo and Indian Hills High Schools through the Student/Administrative Council Meetings.  These sessions will help to build capacity of the student leadership and give students the necessary fundamental leadership skills to promote a healthy student government and overall student body.(Completed)

GOAL:   The Superintendent will work with the District Security Coordinator to implement the Share 911 Security System.  Additionally, the Superintendent will coordinate collaborative drills with Franklin Lakes, Oakland, and Wyckoff K-8 Districts utilizing the Share 911 Security Alert System.(Completed)