Right To Know

Right To Know Notification and Other Program Document Links:

2022-23 RTK Notification .pdf

Safety Data Sheets Link: http://rih-nj.safeschoolssds.com/

Note - newly received Safety Data Sheets are retained in a binder which can be found in the central office in each school and in the Board of Education office.  As the Safety Data Sheets are uploaded to the above mentioned website, they are removed from the binder.  Below is a link to a picture of the orange binder used for this purpose.


Hazardous Substance Fact Sheets Search Link: 

Hazardous Substance List Link:

New Jersey Department of Health Right To Know Brochure Link: 

Right To Know Survey Ramapo High School
2021 Ramapo HS RTK Survey.pdf

Right To Know Survey Indian Hills High School
2021 Indian Hills HS RTK Survey.pdf