Indian Hills Students Use Art to Help Children in Syria

Indian Hills Students Using Art to Help Children in Syria
Posted on 03/29/2018
Indian Hills Students Using Art to Help Children in Syria

This year Mr. Mungiello's digital design 2 students digitally painted portraits of children from Syria. They sent these portraits out a few months ago and recently got news back that they received them and were happy because of the work our kids did. They also helped to raise $3,500 dollars that went to help aid and assist the Syrian people affected by the violence still going on there. Mr. Mungiello has shared the work of our students with everyone to show something decent amidst all of the brutality. Later this year we will be drawing portraits for kids in Afghanistan. The names of the students that participated are as follows: 

William Convery, Jay Kaehr, Richard Kimble, Cole Kunish, Christopher Maher, Corinne Malafis, Maria Manoussakis, Nicholas Meyer, Jeff Patterson, Bianca Perez, Alyssa Picinich, Ian Schroeder, Andrew Tillsley, Ryan Andrews, Julianna Benducci, Alexis Cariddi, Kira Cuneo, Jeromy Delgado, Cole Englishman, Gloria Gil, Ryan Gill, Samuel Itman, Max Jacobs, Madeleine Knightly, Grace Leshner, Nicholas Michaud, Robert Miles, Nicolette Perrone, Jacqueline Rever, Thomas Simmers, John Stantly, Dalton Steindler, Megan Bohm, Alex Bonzulak, Alex Hagedorn, Christopher Levi, Emily Lewis, Joshua Li, Grace McCarthy, Nick Nolan, Kyle Patel, Nick Prihoda, Brandon Thomas, Laura Shamsey, and Ashley Barrett

In addition, we have also received the following email from the Communications Director of the Memory Project expressing his gratitude and explaining the impact this project has on individuals.

Dear Indian Hills High School Administrators,

I would like to let you know that art students at Indian Hills High School have done wonderful work for the youth of our nonprofit organization, the Memory Project (  

Several months ago we sent Mr. Mungiello photos of 46 Syrian children living in refugee camps, and the participating art students then set to work creating portraits for them.  We just delivered the portraits to the Syrian children and they enjoyed receiving them tremendously.  I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that your school’s art department has provided them with personal gifts to last a lifetime.  

We created a short video for your school, and I would like to invite you to share it with your school community.  If you follow this link and look in the “2017-18 Syria” folder you will see a video titled “JohnMungiello.mp4”:

You are welcome to download the video and post it to your school’s website and/or social media pages to showcase the good work of your art program.  We are very grateful to your school for being part of this effort.