Keeping Laptops Over the Summer

Starting in the Summer of 2019, all returning students (current 9th-11th graders) may keep the district issued laptops over the summer break.  This is a natural progression for our 1-to-1 Initiative. We feel strongly this step will maximize classroom instructions for the remainder of the school year and also provide a smoother transition when the students return in the fall.

In order to keep the laptop over the summer, students must comply with the following requirements:

  • Laptop Must Be Visually Inspected Before The Summer - Current 9th-11th grade students must have the laptop visually inspected by the technology department (ITC) before the end of this school year.  This is necessary for inventory control and for ITC to document any damages.  

    The exact inspection schedule and process will be unique to each building and will be announced by the building administrators accordingly.  Please DO NOT attempt to stop by the ITC office prior to the announcement.   Laptops that are not inspected by the start of the summer will be remotely disabled. 

  • Adhere to the Existing Acceptable Use Policies and Laptop Agreement - Students must continue to adhere to the existing Guidelines for Responsible Computing / Acceptable Use over the summer:

  • Keep the Hard Case On at All times - The Brenthaven case was chosen by the district to protect the laptop from accidental damages.  As part of the yearly Laptop Agreement, this case must be on the laptop at all times.  Please keep in mind, students may be charged for damages for not complying to this requirement.
  • Keep The Laptop Safe and Secure - Students must take all necessary measures to ensure that the laptop is always secure and safe.  Please take the time to review some Helpful Tips For Keeping Laptops Safe Over the Summer. 

  • Actions To Be Taken In August - By mid August, a notification will be sent to both parents and students with specific instructions to:

    • Sign next year's Acceptable Use Policy / Laptop Agreement
    • Pay the Insurance for the upcoming School year  

Below are additional resources and information: