Important Info for Freshmen and New Students

Important Info for Freshmen and New Students
Posted on 08/30/2019
District Issued Laptops

Important Information For
Incoming Freshmen and New Students 


Laptops for incoming freshmen and new students will be distributed after school starts.  The exact pickup schedule and process will be announced by the Building Principals. In order to receive a laptop, the following requirements MUST be met:

  • ATTEND THE 1-TO-1 FAMILY TRAINING Both student and one parent must attend the training.  Training was offered during the Freshmen orientation, please contact the respective schools if you didn't complete the training.  Parents that have attended the training in prior years with older siblings are exempted.

  • INSURANCE PAYMENT FOR THE 2019-20 SCHOOL YEAR:  Insurance payment for the laptop is now being accepted through the MySchoolbucks portal.   For your protection and record keeping, we ask everyone to process the insurance payment through this portal going forward.  Additional details will be provided during the Freshman orientation.  

Insurance payment must be received before laptop is issued. 

  • ACCEPTABLE USE / LAPTOP AGREEMENT:  The AUP / Laptop Agreements were emailed out over the Labor Day Weekend.  Both student and parent will receive their own copies to sign electronically.  Students will access their AUP through the District issued email account, see below for information on student credentials. 

Both parent and student copies must be signed before laptop is issued.


New for this year, student credential is posted in Parent Access (Genesis), our SIS system.  An announcement on the 2019-20 Genesis Access was sent out on August 28th.  Please check your email for details.

Student credential can be found under the Parent account below the student’s photo (see below).  Your student will need this information to:

  • Access the district issued email account (Gmail) and to complete the AUP
  • Log on to their laptop,
  • Gain access to Schoology, the HW portal
  • and Genesis, the SIS system


Please share this information with your student. 

Additional information on how to access Gmail / Schoology

Parent Portal