RIH BOE Budget 20-21 Budget Approved on 4/27



Please refer to the information below around the 2020-2021 budget which was approved at the BOE
meeting on April 27th.

 The tentative school operating budget was approved by the BOE in early March. Consequently,
the Covid-19 crisis and school-closings required our district to operate differently, which in turn
created unique operating cost savings.  As a result of those savings, the REVISED 20-21 budget
reflects a zero dollar tax increase.
 The total budgeted appropriations (expenses) are $57,869,809 – technically, the budget
represents a decrease of ($2,161,054) million over the current budget, but only since the
current budget includes an appropriation of $3.1 million from Capital reserve for the track and
field upgrades.  The net increase is $938,946, or 1.65% over the current year.
 The district received an additional $297,090 in State Aid for a total allotment of $2,316,395. 
The district is entitled to $3,311,006 under the current funding formula.
 The proposed budget is $1 million under the cap.  The total available banked cap is $2.15
million, $223k of which will expire if not used in the development of the budget.  $1.9 million
remains available for future years.
 The total school tax levy will not increase for the 20-21 school year.  The calendar year 2020 will
represent a 0.97% increase for the regional budget.  
 This year will mark the 10th anniversary of the inception of the 2% cap.  The law notably makes
limited exceptions for a district to exceed that cap.  The district has been at or under the 2% cap
in nine of those years.  The only exception was in 2014-2015 when the district raised additional
funds for capital projects due to the availability of a 40% matching grant for every dollar spent
above the cap.
 $480,000 is provided to offset the local share of two capital projects – Roof re-coating and
upgrades to one bathroom.
 The base budget includes a withdrawal of $500,000 from maintenance reserve to fund required
maintenance projects throughout the district.

Please direct all inquiries regarding to John Kinney, BOE President.