Return to Full Day In Person Instruction - May 17

Return to Full Day In Person Instruction - May 17
Posted on 05/03/2021
Return to Full Day In Person Instruction - May 17

Hello Parents, Guardians and students,

As we continue to see positive rates of COVID-19 diminish and the number of vaccines increase, our Governor is relaxing many of the restrictions which were put in place under the Executive Order. 103. With this new information we are also seeing schools, towns and businesses moving back to normal hours and an increase in the number of employees and patrons participating in all areas.

Based on these new guidelines and changes, the Board of Education and administration are now planning on moving on to a new phase of instruction for our RIH students.

What does this mean?

Students will attend school and follow the regular 9 period schedule.

Will lunch be served?

Yes we will be serving lunch during the normal lunch periods 4-7. Students will be able to purchase lunch in the cafeteria or bring lunch from home. No lunches will be delivered from outside vendors or delivered by parents during the school day.

When will this schedule begin?

Monday May 17th will be our first day implementing our regular school schedule. Please note that this date is in place of the original May 20th that was scheduled for students to return for in person instruction.

Additional information will be shared with everyone from building principals and me over the next few days and weeks.

We look forward to taking this big step forward and having more students in school participating in the regular school schedule.


Anthony Riscica, Interim Superintendent, Ramapo Indian Hills Regional High School District