Paying Laptop Insurance

Paying for Laptop Insurance

The yearly insurance premium is $70 per year per student.  $175 maximum for a household of 3 or more students.

For everyone's safety and record keeping purposes, the yearly insurance premium must be paid via MySchoolBucks.

PLEASE NOTE:  There is a known issue with certain outdated mobile app where the Laptop Insurance Fee does not appear under the School Store menu.  Please use your browser instead of the mobile app to pay for the insurance.   
Instructions to create an account in MySchoolBucks:

  • Click on "Sign Up Free".
  • Select "New Jersey" for the State field.
  • Select "Ramapo Indian Hills Regional High School" for the District field
  • Complete your profile and submit to create an account
  • Proceed to Continue to Add A Student or select Add a Student under MEAL ACCOUNTS
  • Enter your child's First Name
  • Enter your child's Last Name
  • Enter your child's Birthdate (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Note: The names and birthdate must match the official student records
  • Please repeat process for each additional child

Paying laptop insurance once you have an account with MySchoolBucks:

  • Go to MySchoolBucks:
  • Log in to your account
  • Click on Browse All Items under SCHOOL STORE
  • Click on VIEW DETAILS for the RHS/IHHS Laptop Insurance Fee
  • Select the student to apply the item to (You may select multiple students)
  • Select amount based on number of students ($70, $140 or $175 max for household)
  • Click on ADD TO BASKET
  • Click on Shopping Cart icon (upper right) and click on VIEW CART/CHECKOUT
  • Provide payment method and click PLACE STORE ORDER