Guest Speaker Response

Guest Speaker Response
Posted on 05/24/2021
Guest Speaker Response


Dear FLOW families and community members,

I am writing to address the communications and photographs that are being shared on social media and were reported in the press regarding the presentation by the Department of Justice to one of our Social Studies classes at Ramapo High School last week.

I want to assure everyone in our community that the presentation was not intended to advance any political agenda or to influence the beliefs of our high school students.  The presentation by Assistant U.S. Attorney Torey Cummings was scheduled as a voluntary presentation for students in Law, Human Rights, and Sociology who are interested in learning about the rights of law enforcement officials and individual civil rights.

Having someone speak from the Department of Justice is an excellent alternative to students receiving their information from broadcast news and social media. Presentations such as this are intended to inform our students and not to indoctrinate them with an anti-police bias. 

We realize that members of our community are upset about what they have viewed on social media.  I ask that you keep in mind that what you are viewing are selected parts of the entire presentation, are out of context, and were shared anonymously.  

Going forward and with lessons learned, our administrators will be ever vigilant about controversial issues presented to our students to ensure that the Board’s policies are being followed and that both the subject matter and the material to be presented are carefully reviewed before the presentation.

The American policing system is the best in the world.  Our school district has unwavering support for our local police departments.  We hold them in the highest regard for what they do for us and our FLOW communities each and every day.


Anthony Riscica

Interim Superintendent

Ramapo Indian Hills Regional High School District

201 416-8100 ext. 3802