New Delayed Opening Schedule

New Delayed Opening Schedule
Posted on 12/18/2018
New Delayed Opening Schedule
Dear Parents and Guardians,
At the Crisis Management Committee Meeting of the Board last week, I discussed with the group a proposal to push back our delayed opening from 9AM to 10AM ( from 1.5hr. delay to 2.5 hr delay).  We would still get our required time in to consider it a school day, yet it would give us additional time to decide whether we need to close for the day or not, as well as additional time to clear our lots and walkways. We are hoping that with the additional delay, we may be able to save a snow day or two this winter. It would also give our students and staff additional time to get in safely. Currently, on a delayed opening day, we often begin the day short staffed because of commuting difficulties.
The proposal has been discussed with RIHEA leadership, RIHSA and RIHAA as well as discussed with the food service vendor, the facilities department, and the bus company and all are on board.  The Board Crisis Committee also agreed that the additional delay time in the morning would be beneficial.
So, effective immediately, our delayed opening schedule will be as follows:
Arrival Time 10AM
Period 2 10:05 10:41 (0:36)
Period 3 10:45 11:15 (0:30)
Period 4* 11:19 11:49 (0:30)
Period 5* 11:53 12:23 (0:30)
Period 6* 12:27 12:57 (0:30)
Period 7* 1:01          1:31 (0:30)
Period 8 1:35          2:05 (0:30)
Period 9 2:09          2:39 (0:30)
*lunch period with security/safety reminders from administration for all students
Please be reminded that all bus routes will be 2.5 hours after the regular time.  
Best regards,
Beverly MacKay
Superintendent of Schools