Schedule Update for Monday January 21

Schedule Update for Monday January 21
Posted on 01/18/2019
Schedule Update for Monday January 21

The National Weather Service is forecasting a potentially large winter storm for this weekend. We are currently scheduled to have a minimum day (students released at 11:51am) on Monday, January 21, 2019.  If this predicted winter weather event should put us into a position of needing a delayed opening on Monday morning, we will be changing our Monday schedule from a minimum day to a delayed opening day.  Of course, we will not know until Sunday evening or Monday early morning if this change will be needed.

The NJ Department of Education requires us to be in school for a minimum of 4 hours of instructional time.  A minimum day combined with a delayed opening would not allow us to count the day as one of our required 180 school days.  Therefore, if the winter storm conditions necessitate a delayed opening for Monday January 21, we will be moving from the minimum day schedule to the delayed opening with all students released at the regular dismissal time of 2:39PM.

Quarterly assessments begin on Wednesday, January 23. As long as school is in session on Monday, we will stay with our quarterly assessments starting on Wednesday. Should school need to be closed all day on Monday due to inclement weather, quarterly tests will begin on Thursday.

The decision for any change to Monday’s schedule will be made either Sunday evening or Monday very early morning. 

Thank you for your understanding. Stay warm and safe!

Delayed Opening Schedule:

Arrival Time: 10am

Period 2:  10:05am  – 10:41am (36 min)

Period 3:  10:45am  – 11:15am (30min)

Period 4:  11:19am  – 11:49am (30 min)

Period 5:  11:53am  – 12:23pm (30 min)

Period 6:  12:27pm  – 12:57pm (30 min)

Period 7:    1:01pm   –  1:31pm  (30 min)

Period 8:    1:35pm   –  2:05pm  (30 min)

Period 9:    2:09pm   –  2:39pm  (30 min)

Minimum Day Bell Schedule:

Period 1:   7:35am   –   8:23am  (48min)

Period 2:   8:27am   –   9:15am  (48min)

Period 3:   9:19am   –  10:07am (48min)

Period 8:  10:11am  –  10:59am (48min)

Period 9:  11:03am  –  11:51am (48min)