District Goals

District Goals 2017-18

1. Continue to build upon our physical and digital environments of overall wellness, including the social, mental, emotional, and physical health of our students, staff, and families. Through these interrelated components emphasizing perseverance and independence coupled with healthy and supportive face-to-face and digital interactions, we will increase the preparedness of our students for college, career, and adult life.

2. Increase the level of understanding and application of differentiated instruction, including the integration of applicable methodologies or strategies in the physical and digital learning spaces to meet the varied needs of the students at all academic levels.

3. Continue to build upon a community of engaged learners, emphasizing communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. The District will prepare students for college and career readiness in a global marketplace by widening the exploration and application of these important soft skills through the face-to-face and digital learning environments.