Health and Physical Education



The Health and Physical Education program offers a wide range of educational activities for our students, whenever facilities permit. Objectives of our program include promoting leadership, teamwork, and healthy behaviors. We strive to contribute to our students overall emotional, physical, and social development by providing a variety of invigorating, unique, and instructive learning opportunities to facilitate the development of individual fine motor, fitness, and interpersonal skills.


  • Every student is required to have instruction in the regular class program, which includes individual and team sports, dance, body mechanics, and conditioning. Progression and evaluation in the teaching of various skills are included.
  • A Wellness Program, utilizing aerobic conditioning and strength training equipment, will be required of all students. The goal of this program is to encourage students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and monitor their own personal fitness program. Our ultimate goal is to motivate all students to adopt a lifetime commitment to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • The Health and Physical Education program also features extremely unique learning experiences that include: Team Low Challenge Adventure Education (Grade 9). Mountain Bike Trail Riding (Grades 9-12), and High Element Adventure Education (Grades 10-12).


Final unit grades will be based on a point system consolidating all three of the listed assessment parameters.

EPS – Effort / Participation / Sportsmanship – 50% of Grade

  • This includes character, cooperation, sportsmanship, interest, and class conduct. Students will be observed for their ability to interact cooperatively with their classmates and teacher during all activities.

AA – Activity Assessment – 25% of Grade

  • Demonstrates use of strategies during game play while maintaining a high level of intensity.
  • Demonstrates proper skill mechanics or the attempt of proper skill mechanics consistently.
  • Adheres to and knows the rules, proper steps, and tactics of the game or activity.

WU – Warm Up – 25% of Grade

  • Student will be highly engaged in all aspects of the warm-up, and actively engaged in all flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular exercises during dynamic warm-ups and all fitness activities




A - Performs at a very high level for the duration of the activity

B - Performs at a high level for the duration of the activity

C - Performs at a moderate level for the duration of the activity

D - Performs at a minimal level for the duration of the activity.


A. Credit - No Make-Up Required

A note from home required to Main Office (personal illness with Doctor’s note, death in family religious observance, driver’s test, court appearance, college visit)

B. Non-Credit – Any Unexcused Absence from School

Points will be deducted from the student’s final unit grade for each non-credit absence after the first non-credit absence is recorded. During each PE activity unit, when the allowable non credit absence limit has been reached, students can makeup remaining non-credited absences for PE class. Makeup classes will be offered after school on predetermined days.

C. Unprepared for Class

Physical Education is essentially an activity-based participation course. You must be in class and prepared to participate in order to be successful. An unprepared student will lose full credit for the day. Unprepared students who choose to sit out and observe class, lose the privilege to makeup that class since they are present during the instructional phase of the prescribed activity.

D.  Cuts

Students who cut class will also lose the privilege to makeup class and lose points. A student who cuts class will lose full credit for the day.


All Physical Education students who have been medically excused by a doctor or the school Athletic Trainer are required to bring their medical note to the school nurse for verification. Once notification of the medical excuse has been finalized, the student will then either be assigned a Study Hall to complete Physical Education related written assignments or will remain with their assigned PE teacher/class to observe class activities.

Students who are excused for three weeks or more, or are put on a marking period, semester, or full year Medical Excuse will be precluded from observing PE class activities and will be assigned to a Study Hall to work on Physical Education related assignments.

All medically excused students will be responsible to complete classwork that will be assigned to them by their PE activity teacher. The extent, complexity, and type of assessment and/or assignments required will be coordinated and conveyed to the student by the activity teacher. The activity teacher will grade all assigned work and will enter the unit grade in Genesis.



Health instruction is offered to all students throughout the four-year period. A four-year sequence of study is prescribed as follows:

Grade 9:  Personal Health and Anti-Harassment Unit

Grade 10: Driver and Safety Education

Grade 11: Family Life Education

Grade 12: First Aid & CPR

Alcohol, tobacco, and narcotics units are taught every year. The junior health program offers a sequence dealing with Human Sexuality. Information concerning the educational materials used in this program is available by contacting the Health and Physical Education Department Supervisor at either high school.  Students, whose parents find portions of this program objectionable, will be permitted an independent study option upon receipt of written request by the parent or student  (if student is 18 years of age or over). A 1.25 course in Health Education is required for each student each year.