Step-by-Step Instructions


How to Use Genesis Open Registration

1. Please prepare the following documents PRIOR to starting your registration:

a. Residency – deed, lease or mortgage statement (Proof of Residency)
b. Two (2) utility bills
c. Student’s Birth Certificate
d. Guardian Drivers License

These documents may be uploaded as images or pdf.

2. Go to to begin. Click or tap the answer to the security question item to begin a new registration. If you need to return to complete a registration that had already been started, click or tap the green button.
     Step 2

3. Click or tap Add Student.
     step 3

4. Enter all required information, then click Save Student at the bottom of the page.

5. You may click or tap to Add Another Student or click or tap Advance to Next Screen.

6. On the Contacts and Addresses tab, enter information for Guardian(s) and Emergency Contact(s). At least one Guardian and one Emergency Contact is required for each student. At least one phone number is required for each contact. If you do not have a landline in your home please use a mobile number as ‘Home.’ When completed, click or tap Advance to Next screen at the bottom of the page.

7. On the Documents tab, you must upload all of the documents marked Required. Click or tap Upload Doc to select documents to upload. Click or tap Advance to Next Screen when completed uploading the required documents. Registration package must be submitted to save document changes.

8. On the Home Language Survey tab, click or tap Begin Survey, answer all questions, then click or tap the X at the end.


9. On the Review and Submit tab, click or tap Submit Registration Information to finalize the process.  Please provide an email address.

At this point your submission will be reviewed and you will be contacted if there are any issues.  We will use the account information you provided to send instructions to complete additional forms required for the upcoming school year.