Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

To ensure that our students graduate with the skills, knowledge, and behaviors necessary for success in a global society and with the personal and social attributes to maximize their opportunity for a meaningful life.

Mission Statement

The Ramapo Indian Hills Regional High School District will provide each student with learning experiences that promote opportunities to:

  • Demonstrate proficiency by meeting or exceeding all core standards through a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum;

  •  Build and maintain an environment of trust where all students and staff feel safe and secure to learn and work;

  • Develop areas of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, innovation, and problem solving;

  • Leverage applicable technologies, including relevant tools, skills, and understandings, in the learning process;

  • Promote leadership, responsibility, adaptability, integrity, productivity, independence, and acceptance;

  • Encourage and support wellness and a healthy style of living;

  • Increase personal responsibility, social awareness, and civic responsibility for humanitarian and environmental needs;

  • Enhance the social, intellectual, and emotional development of each student.