1-To-1 Learning Initiative

Vision for Digital Learning

The Ramapo Indian Hills Regional High School District (RIHRHSD) believes that the use of educational technology services and access to information have become an integral part of the educational program for all of its students. It is through this belief that the district has undergone great strides to provide every student with the advantage of ubiquitous access to information and educational technologies. The overarching goal of the District's 1:1 laptop program is to prepare students for their future in a global society by enabling teachers to provide a learning environment where they facilitate:

  • Student empowerment and engagement
  • Student-centered learning opportunities
  • Student accountability and responsibility

With the great learning opportunities that this program provides comes a responsibility for the district, parent / guardian, and student to ensure a safe and productive experience. This handbook will inform parents / guardians and students with procedures and guidelines for the District's 1:1 laptop program. As the District moves forward with the 1:1 laptop program, this document may change. A reasonable effort will be made to notify parents / guardians and the students that changes have taken place with regards to this handbook, and it is the expectation that the procedures and guidelines set forth in future revisions will be adhered to.