Additional Information / Resources for Summer

Helpful Tips For Keeping Laptops Safe Over the Summer

  • Always keep the Brenthaven hard case on the laptop at all times.
  • Exposure to direct sunlight or prolonged extreme temperatures can cause severe damage to the laptop.  Avoid leaving the laptop in a car during the summer.
  • When not in use, store the laptop in a cool and dry location.
  • Keep food, liquids, or other substances that could result in damage away from the laptop.
  • Avoid using laptop near any water source (e.g. pool, beach, etc.)
  • Do not leave laptop unattended at public venues.
  • Avoid leaving the laptop plugged in and charging all the time.  This may reduce the battery life. 
  • Please do not place anything on the keyboard before closing the lid (pens, pencils, paper, etc.) and take care not to touch the screen with anything (fingers, pens, pencils, etc.).
  •  Never attempt to repair or reconfigure the laptop.
  • Take care when inserting cords, cables and other removable storage devices to avoid damage to the laptop ports.
  • Clean the screen, touch pad, and laptop with a lightly dampened soft or microfiber cloth. Chemicals, cleaners, or a wet cloth are NOT approved cleaning devices. The laptop should be turned off and unplugged during cleaning.

Support Hours During the Summer

In general, ITC offices will be available for technical support during the summer on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (9 AM - 12 PM).  The official schedule will be posted on the District website before the end of the school year.    

What to do if the Laptop is Stolen or Lost?

Most laptops are stolen / lost during vacations.  Please avoid taking the laptop on oversea trips.  If you suspect that the laptop is stolen or lost, please contact the Director of Technology within 24 hours ([email protected]).  In addition, you MUST file an official police report in the town where the laptop is stolen/lost.  The District will require this official document to start the investigation / recovery process.  

Insurance Coverage Over The Summer

The District's insurance program will cover usage over the summer.  It covers all minor laptop repairs and provides a one-time replacement if a laptop is stolen or accidentally damaged beyond repair. The insurance does not cover laptops intentionally damaged or situations where it is determined a student was negligent (e.g. multiple incidents). Power supply and / or other accessories are not covered under the warranty or the District's insurance program.