Important Message from Superintendent Dr. Baker

Important Message from Interim Superintendent Dr. Baker
Posted on 03/07/2024
Important Message from Interim Superintendent Dr. Baker

March 7, 2024

As Superintendent, I want to address the community's concerns over recent restructuring initiatives. I appreciate the opportunity to clarify the reasons underlying the decisions made.

The district restructuring was carried out with the primary purpose of improving the coherence of programs and services provided to our students and community. By moving supervisors to district-level leadership roles, the district gains improved communication, enhanced collaboration between schools, and equality in educational program implementation.

Contrary to assumption, the restructure is intended to strengthen our district's services and student supports, not eliminate them. Centralized leadership allows us to better align resources, exchange best practices, and customize projects to our student body's needs. This restructure improves our students' academic, social, and emotional well-being by creating a more integrated and supportive learning environment.

This restructuring process has been a collaborative endeavor with the supervision unit, and they have been assured that their unit will be maintained, with no loss of employment to any member.

I encourage our community members to thoroughly examine information and refrain from reacting exclusively to misinformation. Please note that the Board of Education agenda has not been posted to date. I welcome your feedback and encourage open communication as we work together to provide the greatest possible education for our students.



Dr. James Baker

Interim Superintendent of Schools