RIH Implements District Supervisor Restructure

Ramapo Indian Hills Implements District Supervisor Restructure Plan to Maximize Student Success
Posted on 04/01/2024
Ramapo Indian Hills Implements District Supervisor Restructure Plan to Maximize Student Success

The Ramapo Indian Hills High School District has initiated a strategic restructuring aimed at enhancing educational programs and fostering student growth.

The restructure, scheduled to take effect on July 1, involves the creation of new district supervisor positions and the establishment of a district-wide leadership team to support the RIH Strategic Plan. Presently, the structure features a mix of supervisor positions, some with a focus on individual schools and others with broader district-wide responsibilities.

"By realigning our leadership structure, we are positioning the district to better serve the needs of our students and the community as a whole," said Interim Superintendent of Schools Dr. James Baker. "This restructuring ensures all supervisor positions have a district-wide focus, allowing students equitable access to resources and support."

Out of the 13 supervisors in the district, only five currently hold district-wide roles. This important update will foster equality and consistency across all supervisory roles within the district. Benefits of this restructuring effort include an enhanced educational program focused on student growth and achievement, as well as heightened organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Throughout the restructuring process, the Ramapo Indian Hills Supervisor's Association (RIHSA) was engaged to ensure that the job descriptions and department changes supported all members. There is no loss of employment.

This move also increases opportunities for instructional leadership among teachers by appointing additional head teachers to enhance departmental coordination and communication. Head teachers will assist with departmental activities at each building for English, Math, and World Language.

"By establishing these new supervisor positions, we are not only enhancing our capacity to support students but also empowering our staff to lead and innovate within their respective domains,” explained Dr. Melissa Quackenbush, Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Articulation. “The restructuring signifies an investment in supervisors, allowing them increased influence and impact on both students and their departments.”

Data collected from the district’s curriculum, instruction, and assessment program further validated the necessity for restructuring subject area departments and supervisor roles/responsibilities. The current, outdated structure duplicates resource allocations, exhibits inconsistencies in grading profiles and practices, and features imbalances of responsibilities within the supervisor unit.

The restructure enables the district to maintain class sizes at 24 or fewer students and adds a dedicated level of support for school climate, culture, and student wellness. Students and teachers will benefit from improved communication regarding programs and opportunities, along with enhanced access to resources that enrich academic and extracurricular activities.

Key components of the restructuring include the creation of four district supervisor positions:

1. District Supervisor of School Counseling

2. District Supervisor of Wellness and Specialized Programs

3. District Supervisor of Curriculum, Instruction and Articulation - Humanities

4. District Supervisor of Curriculum, Instruction and Articulation - STEM

These positions have been carefully crafted to address the ever-evolving needs of students, Dr. Baker said.  The Director of School Counseling will focus on facilitating graduation progression and pathways, as well as fostering college and career readiness. The Director of Wellness & Specialized Programs will prioritize enhancing school climate, promoting positive culture, and nurturing responsible school citizenship.

The RIH schools look forward to the positive impact this restructuring will have on students, staff, and the community at large, the superintendent added.