Q - Do All New Students Need to Register?
A - Yes.  All new students, including incoming 9th graders from the FLOW districts (Franklin Lakes, Oakland or Wyckoff) must register.
Q - Will I Need To Register Every Year?
A - No.  This is an one time registration process to enroll into the District.  
Q - Why Do We Need To Register?
A - The registration process will help us get the most up-to-date student and contact information for your student.  It will also streamline the communication process for the start of the 2024-25 school year.  
Q - When is the Due Date?
A - Due date for incoming 9th grader for the 2024-25 School Year is December 15, 2023.
Q - Do I Need To Provide Proof of Residency?
A - Yes.  Parent/Guardian will need to provide documentation to support residency status.  Please see Proof of Residency section for more details.
Q - Is It Safe To Upload Documents?
A - Yes.  The upload process utilizes SSL encryption. 
Q - What If I Have Questions?  Who Do I Contact?
A - Please use the contact form to submit your question
Q - What If I Have Multiple Child Entering 2024-25 School Year?
 A - You will need to register each of your child/student.
 Q - Do I Need To Register Older Siblings That Are Already Enrolled?
 A - No.  There is no need to register existing students that are already attending Ramapo or Indian Hills High School.
 Q - What If We Haven't Decided On The School Yet?
 A - You must register your student even if you haven't decided on which high school to attend.  There will be opportunity for your student to change at a later date.