School Cleaning

The Facilities Department is responsible for compliance with all State and Federal regulations pertaining to public schools, and the maintenance of a clean and healthy school environment. This includes all required annual inspections of district buildings and systems, as well as purchasing of maintenance and custodial equipment, supplies and contractual services for the district.

Our Department consists of Board of Education staff, custodians, groundskeepers, maintenance technicians, and our night custodial staff provided by the Aramark Company. We are charged with the daily task of maintenance, cleaning, and maintaining the Ramapo Indians Hills Regional High School District. We are also responsible for the care of athletic fields, artificial turf, and outside athletic areas such as the running tracks, tennis courts, mowing services and snow removal. Our Facilities Department is also tasked with the operational setup of all athletic events, special events, and graduations.

As a service group, we are constantly re-evaluating what we do, how we do it, and exploring ways to increase our efficiency and productivity in the service of our schools.