Board Committees

Proposal for Committee Changes: FL 2; O 3; W 4 (9 members)

Policy – 0155

1. Education / Sp. Ed./ Vocational / Extra-Curricular - John C. (Chair); John K.; Helen K.

Focus: Post-Secondary Readiness/Requirements &  School Experience

Purpose: To review and recommend: curriculum, textbooks, assessments/results/progress, data, sports, clubs, plays, etc., to the full Board. 

2. Personnel, Evaluation, and Goals
 – James S. (Chair); Helen K.; John C.

Focus: Equal Employment Opportunity/Fulfill the needs of the District

Purpose: To review and recommend: job openings, roles/titles, positions, evaluations, and propose/set Board goals to the full Board.  Note: Permanent Superintendent Search

3. Finance/
Technology - John B (Chair); Judy S.; Robert F.

Focus: Fiduciary to the Stakeholders

Purpose: To review and recommend: revenues, expenditures, audits, contractors, vendors agreements, RFPs/RFQs; Technology upgrades, and advancements to the full Board. 

4. Policy / Litigation/ Legislation - Judy S. (Chair); John B.; Robert F.

Focus: Responsive governance

Purpose: To review, recommend, set policies, litigation, and for the District's current and forecasting operations to the full Board. 

5. Negotiations Committee - Robert F. (Chair); John K.; Vivian K.

Focus: Timely/mutually accepted outcome without disruptions of school

Purpose: To ultimately ratify, on a timely basis, a mutually beneficial agreement with the NJSEA and RIH stakeholders all along, providing updates and progress reports to the full Board.

6. Facilities / Return to Learning / 
Safety Management - Vivian K. (Chair); John B.; James S.

Purpose: To review and recommend plans for facility improvements, vendor service operations, i.e., Food, Transportation operations, technology operations, Safety & Wellness Management (Charlie Wolf) to the full Board.

7. Communications / Public Engagement / 
Student Experience – Helen K. (Chair); Vivian K.; Judy S.

Purpose: To review and recommend strategies to fortify communication, community relations, and public engagement to the full Board. Note: Board President and V. President will assume communication roles on behalf of the collective Board.

8. Strategic Planning / Data Collection (survey) / Future Schools - John K. (Chair); John C.; James S.

Purpose: To review, explore, and set future school goals (with each committee consideration) from a 30,000 ft view; 3 years; 5 years to the full Board.

Board Representation:

APTS Representative – James S. (Robert F. back-up)

PTSO Representative – Vivian K. (Judy S. back-up)

Community Liaison:
Franklin Lakes Council - John Butto
Oakland Council - Judith Sullivan
Wyckoff Council - John Kinney