Second Reading of Policies

These policies have been board approved as a second and final reading and are in the process of being revised and updated to the policy section of the district website.  Once updated, they will be removed from this page.  

Policy 7481 - Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS also known as Drones)
Policy 1620 - Administrative Employment Contracts
Policy 9713 - Recruitment by Special Interest Groups (3)
Policy P4125 - Employment of Support Staff Revised 
Policy 7450 - Policy Alert and Support System
Policy 8420 - Policy Alert and Support System
Policy 1648.01 - Masking Protocols for the Start of the 2021-22 School Year
Policy 5330.01 - Administration of Medical Cannabis
Policy 1642 - Earned Sick Leave
Policy 7432 - Eye Protection
Policy 5111- Eligibility of Resident and Non Resident Students
Policy 1643 - Family Leave
Policy P8600 - Student Transportation
Policy P8420 - Emergency Crisis Situation
Policy P5460.02 - Bridge Year Pilot Program
Policy P2415.05 - Student Surveys, Analysis, and / or Evaluations
Policy R 8420.1 - Fire and Fire Drills
Policy 0168 - Recording Board Meetings         
Policy 8451 -  Control of Communicable Disease    
Policy P2421 - Vocational Technical Education
Policy P0145 - Board Member Resignation and Removal