Pathways Program

The Ramapo Indian Hills Pathways Program allows students to pursue themed electives providing a rich background in a particular area of study.  This flexible approach to scheduling will create opportunities for students to complete a particular “Pathway” in one of seven areas.  This program, while completely optional, will give interested students the chance to demonstrate commitment to an area of study in greater depth than the traditional program. The Pathways Program is an exciting avenue for students to pursue an area of interest while, at the same time, take elective offerings in various departments.

Themed Electives for College and Career Readiness

  • Provide focus in a specific area of study

  • Allow for a variety of electives while providing a themed approach     

  • Demonstrate a commitment to an interest area

  • Exhibit quality of depth of knowledge in selected Pathway

Current Pathways

  • School of Art

  • School of Applied Consumer Sciences

  • School of Business and Computer Science

  • School of Communications 

  • School of English

  • School of Information Technology and Cyber Security

  • School of Music

  • School of Sports Information

  • School of Theatre

What is Required?  

  • Complete a minimum of four courses within the focus area.

  • Complete a minimum of one additional course, either in the focus Pathway or one of the Interdisciplinary courses.

  • Complete a minimum of 20 credits, including the four Pathways and one Interdisciplinary / Pathways course.

  • Pathways may include a required course/experience. 

  • Senior Capstone Projects can be developed by individual students through the District’s Option II program.

  • More than 5 elective courses may need to be taken if the credits do not equal 20 or more.  Additional courses can be taken from the area of focus or the interdisciplinary list.

  • Students can start a Pathway Program at any point during their time at Ramapo Indian Hills.  Students should notify their guidance counselor if they are interested in pursing a Pathway to help in the planning process.  

  • For each individual student’s themed Pathways area, his/her transcript will include a letter describing the Pathways program, identify the completed Pathway, and list the courses that were taken to complete the Pathway.

Additional information including the core courses for each Pathway and the Interdisciplinary list of courses can be found in the Program of Studies.  Please contact your child's guidance counselor with any additional questions.