2022 Recognition Program

2022 Recognition Program
Posted on 03/28/2022
2022 Recognition Program

Dear RIH Community,


For many years our district has had the great honor of recognizing outstanding teachers as part of the Bergen County Educational Services Professionals Recognition Program.  Last spring, we shared information regarding our shift to New Jersey’s Exemplary Educator Recognition Program, which acknowledges elementary and secondary teachers in alternating years. The RIHEA also organized our first-ever non-teaching staff member of the year award in 2021.


Because Ramapo Indian Hills is a secondary-only district, we are able to resume the Exemplary Educator Recognition Program in the Spring of 2023.  We look forward to accepting teacher nominations from our community, students, and staff members next year!  


This year, we invite the RIH community, students, and staff to nominate a non-teaching staff member who has had a positive impact on our school community, who has helped you personally, or who has gone above and beyond!


Our wonderful non-teaching staff is composed of case managers, social workers, psychologists, therapists, nurses, technology specialists, custodians, grounds and maintenance staff, administrative assistants, and security guards. Please feel free to nominate as many people as you would like using this google form.


The deadline for nominations is Thursday, April 7th at 3:30pm.


Please direct any questions to Keri Myones at [email protected].




Keri Myones

Educator and Staff Recognition Coordinator