2023-2024 Preliminary Schedules

2023-2024 Preliminary Schedules
Posted on 07/11/2023
2023-2024 Preliminary Schedules

Please be advised that your preliminary schedule for the 2023-2024 school year will be available for your review on your Genesis account on Wednesday, July 5th at 8am. As staff hiring has not yet been completed, changes may occur prior to receiving your final schedule in August. If a change is made to your schedule, you will receive an updated schedule prior to the new school year.

To initiate a schedule change, students should click the hyperlink below and submit the Google Form for the Counselor who is on duty this summer to review.

Ramapo High School Link
Indian Hills High School Link

Important Reminders

  • If a course you requested was omitted from your schedule, the system was unable to schedule the course. Reasons for this typically include course section "close outs" or courses which conflict in time with required courses.
  • Please take notice that Health and Study Halls are not reflected in the preliminary schedule but will be implemented into all final schedules.
  • The master schedule will be finalized on August 11, 2023 and final student schedules, including courses, teachers, and room numbers, will be shared in late August.
  • Students may make schedule changes of an educationally sound nature, including dropping and/or adding courses, after the second day of classes until:
    • September 22, 2023 for all elective courses.
    • September 29, 2023 for course level changes.
  • From the dates listed above until October 13, 2023, a student may drop a course, but NOT ADD a course, and the dropped course will not appear on the transcript.
  • Effective October 16, 2023, all courses in which a student is enrolled must be completed regardless of grade or progress in the course.
  • Schedule changes of an educationally sound nature will be reviewed by the School Counselor.  Students may not change schedules for convenience or to free a period for work, sports, or late/early dismissal. In addition, students are not permitted to change their schedule due to teacher preference. 
  • Please note, incoming freshmen schedules will be mailed home.