Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage - What will it Cover?

Families are required to pay the insurance premium before the laptop is issued to the student.  The yearly insurance premium is $70.  

The District's insurance program covers all minor laptop repairs and it provides a one-time replacement if a laptop is stolen or accidentally damaged beyond repair. The insurance does not, however, cover laptops intentionally damaged or situations where it is determined a student was negligent.  Power Supply and / or other accessories are not covered under the warranty or the District's insurance.

Replacement cost for the the accessories are as follows:

  • Missing/Damaged Charger: $75
  • Missing/Damaged Brenthaven Hard Case: $70
  • Missing/Damaged Charger Extension: $15
The preferred method of insurance payment is through MySchoolBucks. However, we will accept personal checks as well. Please make the check payable to RIHBOE and include your student's full name and the student ID Number in the memo line.

For further questions, please check the FAQs on 1:1 page