Schoology (LMS)

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Schoology is the District's primary learning management system (LMS).  Most teachers will be using this on-line service to post homework assignments and on-line assessments.  In addition, school administrators along with club advisors and coaches may use this platform to post announcements as well.  

An account for every active student should already been established.  Students will use their district issued email and credential to access Schoology.  

It is important to use the correct URL: when accessing the RIH Schoology portal.

Here are some helpful tips/videos on using Schoology:


Students should connect their Schoology accounts with their Google Drives. See "How to use my Google Drive with Schoology" above.


In addition, to the homework component, we will be using Schoology’s social media platform to communicate within our district.  

As a student, you will belong to at least 2 major groups: your corresponding class (e.g. Class of 2025 – IHHS, Class of 2025 – RHS, etc.), and your respective school community (e.g. Ramapo High School Community or Indian Hills High School Community).  

The building Principals, Vice Principals and advisors will utilize these groups for special announcements or to communicate upcoming events. Students are welcome to post updates, questions, and comments relating to the groups as well. However, everyone must adhere to the following guidelines:

Schoology is to be used for school related matters only. Postings should be relevant to the specific group / course.
Although it’s similar in layout, this is NOT Facebook. This platform is to be used for school related communication only.  Do not post your “Facebook status”, use it for gossip, rumors, insults or bullying.    

Report any inappropriate behavior  / postings to your teacher immediately.
Irrelevant or questionable postings will be deleted. Disciplinary action will be taken.

Remember, for the two major groups (Ramapo High School Community & Indian Hills High School Community), everyone in your school, including teachers, principals and the Administration can see your posts.

Repeat violators to the above guidelines will lose access privileges. If you do lose your access privileges, you will still be responsible for all of your homework assignments.