Laptop Insurance

Laptop Insurance - What will it Cover?

Families are required to pay the insurance premium before the laptop is issued to the student.  The yearly insurance premium is $70 per student per year, $175 max for family with 3 or more students.  

The District's insurance program covers all minor laptop repairs and it provides a one-time replacement if a laptop is stolen or accidentally damaged beyond repair. The insurance does not, however, cover intentional damage or situations where it is determined a student was negligent.  Power Supply and / or other accessories are not covered under the warranty or the District's insurance.

Replacement cost for the the accessories are as follows:

  • Missing/Damaged Laptop USB-C cable: $19
  • Missing 20W charging Adapter: $19
  • Missing Both cable & block: $38
  • Missing Brenthaven case:  $69.95
  • Excessive Damage: TBD by the Administration
For record keeping purposes, insurance premium must be paid via MySchoolBucks.  


How to Pay for Laptop Insurance.