Job Descriptions

Certificated Staff
Athletic Trainer
Athletic Director
Assistant Principal
Assistant Business Administrator 
Business Administrator
Classroom Teacher
District Director of Special Education
District Director of Curriculum and Instruction
District Instructional Design Coordinator
District Mentor Coordinator
District Staff Development Coordinator
District Supervisor of Special Education Instruction
District Supervisor of Special Education Programming
District Supervisor of Physical Education, Health and Art
District Supervisor of Wellness & Specialized Programs 
District Supervisor of Curriculum, Instruction, and Articulation - Humanities
District Supervisor of School Counseling
District Supervisor of Curriculum, Instruction, and Articulation - STEM
District Level Subject Supervisor
Guidance Counselor
Guidance Supervisor
Head Teacher
Library Media Specialist
School Nurse
School Psychologist
Social Worker
Speech Language Specialist
Student Assistance Coordinator(SAC)
Structured Learning Teacher
Subject Supervisor
Superintendent of Schools
Supplemental Teacher

Support Staff
Admin Assistant/Guidance
Admin Assistant/ITC
Admin Assistant/Library
Admin Assistant/Receptionist
Admin Assistant/Special Ed
Admin Assistant/Transportation
Admin Assistant/Director of Curriculum
Admin Assistant to Director of Special Education
Admin Assistant/Bookkeeper Accounts Payable
Admin Assistant/ Assistant Principal
Admin Assistant/Facilities
Admin Assistant/Athletic Director
Admin Assistant/ Attendance
Bus Driver
Confidential Secretary to the Business Administrator
Confidential Secretary to the Building Principal and Office Manager
Coordinator of Staffing
Coordinator of Benefits
Coordinator of Facilities
Coordinator of Payroll Services
Coordinator of Computer Services
Custodian/Bus Driver
Director of Technology
District Information and Systems Coordinator
District Security Coordinator
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Head Technician
Instructional Aide
Job Coach
Special Education Teaching Assistant
Transportation Supervisor
Building Foreman
Security Aide
Assistant Facilities Coordinator
District Operations, Facilities & Security Coordinator
Central Office Administrative Assistant
District Technology Support Specialist
Network Administrator
Athletic Aide