Genesis (SIS) / Parent Access

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Genesis is the districts Student Information System (SIS).  Genesis is used by staff and administration for grading, attendance, conduct, etc. Students and Parents have the ability to monitor their performance in real-time using the Genesis Parent Access (  

Parent Access Tips

  • Please keep in mind parents / guardians and students each have their own parent account access to Genesis.  Please do not give your student your logon information.  Parent accounts have access to update contact information whereas the students do not.
  • We ask that you regularly check and update the Parent Contact Information if anything should change. Having this current data available allows the school and family to remain in contact by simply accessing Genesis. 
  • Only guardians will be sent notifications to their home contact information.  Any contact that is labeled "work" or emergency contact will not receive notifications
  • If a guardian needs to be added, please add them as an Emergency contact and then contact your guidance department to make the change to a Guardian.


  • Parents with students also in the Franklin Lakes or Wyckoff school district, although they also use Genesis as their Student Information System, it is not linked to Ramapo Indian Hills.  You will need to log in at 2 separate locations.
  • Parents with students from Oakland.  Since Oakland does not have Genesis we ask that you please double check your contact information.  We often only receive one parent / guardian or missing parent phone numbers or emails when importing into our system.

If you have any issues logging in or need to add a student to your account, please email [email protected].  Please allow 24 hours for a response.